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March 22, 2018, 01:03:24 AM
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Author Topic: 85 suzuki carry few questions  (Read 112 times)
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« on: September 13, 2017, 07:01:31 PM »

Hi All,

It's been long time...
I had some other fish to fry so the small van was parked up and somehow kept from totally rusting into oblivion. Smiley

This March it finally came back from the painter with a nice new coat and some of the holes welded.
I'll post some pictures in some time... Smiley

For those who do not remember... I must apologise a bit... It's not a Bedford rascal. It's a Suzuki Carry ST90V from 1985.
But your forum is probably the closest i can find on the continent! Cheesy

So in some ways this resembles the Rascal... Cheesy
It's a F8A engine, 4 cyl, 800cc, carburetted, in  rather good condition
4 speed gearbox
mostly everything is there, mostly in good condition, and it's simplicity and reliability is something that makes me smile every time I drive it.

there are a few topics that bother me right now:
If the site admin could help me to decide whether to post them separately or all in here...?

Issue1: front shock absorbers: when turning the steering wheel, the bottom obviously turns, the top (duh) does not. There seems to be the remains of a plastic sheet bushing in the top part of the absorber, which I guess some decades ago helped the coil's top bracket turn under the metal cap meeting the top mount. In my case, those decade-old metal pieces rusted a bit, became pitted, and the plastic sheet can't function too well. So when the axle is turned, the absorber drags a bit, coil is tensing up, so it does not turn nice and smooth. Not biggie, but it makes a noise (when the coil spring's top jumps a few degrees towards the direction it's bottom was turned) plus when riding, the "twisted" coil spring wants to turn the whole steering into some direction, and on road bumps it might change suddenly, as one spring offloads it's energy and the other takes it's place being tensioned. Or not. Either way... it never wants to go straight.

.. I hope it makes sense.... Cheesy
All in all, today I took it apart and gave one side a good cleaning and greasing but it's nowhere near perfect... Better, but not perfect.
Should I put in nother plastic "coin" (just a 50-60mm diameter, 2mm thickness round plastic sheet between the 2 metal bits turning really) and generous greasing?

Issue 2: This been with us for some time now...
smell of petrol in the car after use and loss of petrol from the carb reservoire after stopping.
fuel pipes are replaced, along with the fuel pump changed into electric. Somwhere fuel leaks, but hell if I can find where! I assume, the carb is really similar to the rascal's (that has the F10A engine, right?) Anybody with similar issue? And some good advise perhaps? Please?

Issue 3: Welding...
I must say, I'm a bit fed up with sloppy workmanship... not 6 full months ago I paid quite a nice sum for a mechanic who after 11 months finally released the welded, painted van... today I found a hole, some 50x30mm on a sheetmetal under the front door. "inside" so from the undercarriage.
Question: is that possible to patch it up with a simple arc welder? I'm no welder myself, but I can put some snot on metal pieces, and they might not even break apart. That bit is on a patch of metal with does not hold anyhing, it just has to be covered up, sealed and get forgotten. Cheesy
Do you think I could do that? (I saw it done by other weekend welders)
IF yes (and anyway if no) What are the chemicals, and the procedures to protect them poor rice-metal vans from rotting away? What would you use to prevent further rusting, to fill in the cavities of the box, of the frame, and to cover the bare, freshly administered metal patch, and to cover the whole bottom?
I want to do a full underside protection soon, but this will be my first. Hence I'd welcome all advice. Thank you!

Question4: what kind of a paint would you use on the plastic dashboard? Mine seems to have been painted, but it flakes off, and is terribly ugly. And while girls smile at me from the traffic driving a surrealistically small van, there are some who are discouraged from getting in, due to the vomit-ugly dash, the torn seats, the perpetual petrol smell... you know women... they will not understand realiability or ease of maintenence! Cheesy they want pretty and fragrant and comfy and all that bollox! Cheesy
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